Peter Worsfold

Clear in vision.

Intent in action.

Success in adaptability.

Because there’s no substitute for hard work and Peter lives this with the best of them.

In progress

Looking at Peter’s track record, it’s easy to see how his humility has led to a natural career in leadership. Previously in land and development management and before that, a storied career both on and off the footy field, Peter measures success by the growth of others. He knows that leadership and learning come hand in hand, and this is the philosophy that he takes with him onto the ground — whether that’s the farm or otherwise. Strategic in his choices, Peter’s goal is to help you with yours.

In person

For Peter, home is on the farm and his values are family ones. Which is why joining Zephyr felt as natural as his instinct to prioritise those who surround him. Authentic in his relationships, he’ll do all he can to ensure that goals are shared, and experiences are the best possible. In fact, his nature is nurture — and time spent with his clients throughout the entire selling journey is just as important as time spent with himself wetting a line on a Sunday.

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