Peter Harris


Peter knows the lay of the land, after all, he was a

farmer for 34 years — relatability other advisors can

only dream of. Previously guiding clients through the

off-the-plan process, he’s now selling the best

properties off-the-grid with Zephyr. A meticulous

listener, an honest advisor, and a diligent researcher

into what he doesn’t know (yet) — it’s the part he gets

to play in a life-changing chapter that motivates

him most.



Home is a Dardanup farm, and successes are kept

in perspective with more grandchildren on the way.

Not a stranger to getting his hands dirty, when he’s

not shaking yours he’s planting plenty to reap future

rewards — proving you can take the advisor out of the

farm, but you can’t take the farmer out of the advisor.

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