Neville Tutt

In progress:

Neville’s family made their mark on the south of Western Australia long before he got into real estate. Third-generation farmer, new-generation charmer — he knows the value of what’s above and below the land he’s selling. But his ability to build strong, authentic relationships has earned Neville more than trust — we’re talking national accolades and recognition because he won’t bring it up on his own accord. And this is why joining a family-owned and run business resonates; the blend of ego-less experience with humble honesty that results in, well, results.


In person:

Home might physically be in Albany, but you’ll rarely find him there. When he’s not around his family or “just around the corner”, he’s exploring the rest of Western Australia, supporting the community, or aiming with precision for the green (both on the course and on the clock).

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