Steve Lloyd-Smith

Steve Lloyd-Smith

Founder and Director


In progress:

Steve’s area of expertise? Quite literally, the road less travelled. Specialising in rural real estate for the last seven years, Steve is applying his photography and marketing background to an industry thirsty for change. Because standard practice is the root of complacency, and Steve has too much energy for that. Instead, he creates synergy with his family to achieve results that speak for themselves. Driven to do right by the properties he represents, and the value that reflects, Steve’s resourceful and most importantly, responsive. So, when Steve says his word is his bond, his track record is a testament to the relationships he builds. Honest. Consistent. Efficient. With vested interest in understanding yours, Steve’s currency of choice is undivided attention. Eye to eye with opportunity, but all Steve sees is happy sellers, happy clients, happy days. 


In person:

It takes great courage, commitment and confidence to change careers after three decades of success. But as an avid cycler, Steve is used to shifting gears constantly. And so, he knows that many roads lead to Rome home, but with his family always by Steve’s side, the ride is twice the reward. Because sure, transition is uncomfortable, but Steve’s never been fond of comfort zones — except when it comes to finding yours. Speaking off, shall we?

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