Steph Lloyd-Smith

Steph Lloyd-Smith



In progress:

Some things in life come naturally. For Steph, that’s keeping an eye on the details. Well-versed in all things admin, she brings structure into the everyday. And when your ambition is to change an entire industry, preparation is the mother of all success — quite literally. Equal parts nurturer to the team and licensed negotiator to her clients, Steph turns common ground into lasting connections. Attentive. Inquisitive. Communicative. In other words; she’s a people person. Forever adapting to improve the experience of those she engages with, Steph thrives by reading between the lines then filling in the blanks. Because creativity and flexibility go hand in hand, and as Steve’s right for the last thirty years, Steph’s got opportunity in the palm of hers.



In person:

For Steph, it’s all about the small moments in-between the big ones. The family dinners around the kitchen table. The games of Finska in the backyard. The cocktails sipped in the sun. Because home is where life happens. And if you asked her about the highlights thus far, it’s sharing the crazy ride that is real estate with her favourite people — and naming Zephyr, of course. See, it’s Steph’s curiosity to learn about the stories of those she interacts with, that adds nuance to her own.

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