Daniel Lloyd-Smith

Daniel Lloyd-Smith

Founder and Director



In progress:

A lot can happen in seven years. And looking at Daniel’s track record since he joined real estate in 2014, progress spells his name. Ambitious to elevate an entire industry to be on par with the innovative standard it transacts, Daniel walks the walk — R.M.’s or rubber boots none the difference. But here’s what makes it: Daniel knows that it takes great respect and even greater trust to place home in the hands of a semi-stranger. But with the unconditional support only a family can provide, first encounters turn into genuine friendships, and sales to sold. Dedicated. Personable. Reliable. By ensuring that expectations align at the dotted line, Daniel redefines what it means to be on the same page. First of all, right here.



In person:

Daniel never set out to be a real estate professional. Which explains why he sees his challenge in marketing more than four walls, but selling stories for a living. Speaking of narratives, sharing this one with his family — fiancé Mel and dog Kev included — is probably as good as it gets. Daniel knows, the key to success lies in trusting the process. And so, when change happens his way, he takes it at face value; seeing eye-to-eye with opportunity is much easier that way, anyway. 

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