Ben Lloyd-Smith

Ben Lloyd Smith

Founder and Director


In progress:

Ben is fond of change. Sure, doing things differently takes confidence and trust — and a track record of risks rewarded. Which is exactly what Ben’s established since his first foray into real estate in 2016. Specialising in the rural and lifestyle sector, he applies the same level of attention and creativity to market not just the property, but the opportunity within. Driven to enhance the experience for both sides of the sold sign, Ben understands his role and how to add value. Because bright smiles go a long way, and the extra mile is always right there when dealing with hectares of land. It’s Ben’s integrity, dedication and ability to remain calm even when all elements are in motion, that make his firm handshake steady, ready to shake yours. 


In person:

A creative at his core, Ben isn’t your suit and tie agent. With a trained eye for photography, he’s all about capturing the perfect angles wherever he goes. But if you asked him about his favourite place, the answer is home. A place of rest and recovery — whether that’s with a crime drama or over dinner with friends. Because the company you keep is everything and working alongside those who know him since day dot makes each success shared, a success quadrupled. 

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